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Online Anniversary Gifts

Everyone has his/her own ideas of celebrating their special occasions. They want to make their big day as unique as they can. Marriage anniversary is one of the best occasions in life and people who stays abroad often want to send gifts to their spouse as remembrance of the special event.


Now it is easy to rejoice on an anniversary for people who reside outside India by sending anniversary gifts to India. You can now send cakes, flowers, teddy, greeting cards and various other gifts via SGTI. We can help you to deliver your gift with utmost care directly to the doorstep of your loved ones. Therefore, no one can stop you now to adorn the festive mood as we always do justice to our worldwide reputation by providing quality product and efficient delivery service.


Order your gifts online beforehand to avoid the last minute hassle and design it in your own way. Be sure about the fast delivery by placing same day delivery service.


Celebrate Togetherness by Sending Best Wedding Gifts Online 

The anniversary is a time, when irrespective of your busy schedule you tend to remember the spouse that much more. It is on this date a few years ago that you tied the knot and every year this day holds a special place in your heart. Now, at this moment your current location could just be far away from India. It just could due to a bright career prospect that has taken you offshore. However, as your anniversary day approaches, you think more of her. We suggest that your best option at this moment will be to send gifts on the anniversary day. It is due to the advent of technology that today you can send anniversary gifts to India, even if you are located far away.  It is a simple process that you can today order anniversary gifts online from SGTI.


Anniversary Gifts For Him

SGTI is a top online store offering a range of gift items, which you can send to the spouse on the anniversary day. We offer gifts irrespective of gender and you can even send gifts for him on the anniversary day. We have online presence and as a woman if you are looking to send gifts to the spouse on anniversary day, there is plenty from where you can make the choice. You could choose anything from tea shirts to a coffee mug. If you are looking for a budget gift, which could create an impact over the long term, it is the coffee mug, which should be ideal. It will remind him of your love every time he is drinking coffee. You could also send him a beer mug but the best gift would be to add a personal photo of your both on the mug item. You could speak to the SGTI management and we will adhere to your requirements.


Anniversary Gifts For Her

It could also work the other way around and as a man working abroad you could also send gifts to her on the anniversary date. The women anniversary gifts section on offer from SGTI is also exciting and We offer you some unique variety but on a budget.  We are always on a research mode so that, the gifts are unique. A love mug could be the best gift on the anniversary date or it could even be a crossed love mug. Now, if the coffee mug rack is full at home and you are looking for variety, we suggest that you order a personalized photo frame, where both your pictures are embedded. A personalized chef hat is perhaps another gift, which you can try out as an anniversary gift. The management at SGTI offers variety and you will love it.


Anniversary Cakes

You could certainly send anniversary cakes and this is a special offering from SGTI. Cakes are delicious and just perfect for any occasions ranging from anniversaries or even birthdays.  A delicious cake will reach your spouse early on your anniversary day and that is the best way to remind him/her of your love. The process of working in the case of anniversary cakes is easy and they certainly do not ship the cake all the way from your order place. In fact, you only place the order at the offshore location and pay via plastic money. You could choose from the variety, which they have to offer and your job is done. They will then execute your order by taking help from some of the top bakeries located right in India itself. They will prepare a delicious and fresh cake, which should reach your India address just on that specific date. 


Anniversary flowers

Now, it is just not the cake and you could even send anniversary flowers to India. A flower may look small in size to some grand gift, but it is effective if you intend to send out the message of love to someone. It is this factor, which makes the flower ideal as an anniversary gift. The SGTI website offers some unique variety in this regard and you can even look to send roses to India. The bright red roses are colorful and will repeatedly tell the spouse of your love. In fact, we suggest that a perfect anniversary gift can be the combo offers of a cake along with flowers. Once you surf into the website, you will surely get a combo section and that should suit you fine.


Anniversary gift hampers

Since, we have mentioned the combo offer; we suggest that you could even send anniversary gift hampers. A gift hamper is a special presentation on the anniversary day and this could include plenty of items such as cakes, flowers or even special Indian sweets. If the spouse has a liking for some special fruit, you can order it with SGTI. A hamper is a diversified gift solution and just ideal if you intend to send varied gifts on the anniversary day to the spouse back home in India. Therefore, you could feel it that once you have contacted SGTI, they offer you some diverse gift solutions for the anniversary day. The spouse back home will surely love it.


Anniversary Gifts Delivery Services By SGTI

You could always order the best of gifts onlinefrom SGTI and they will source the materials right here in India. We work with top florists, bakeries and hence the goods are the best.  Now, once the item is prepared, it is the deliver stage and you will surely experience the best of professional services from the management. We are a company, which has pan India ground presence. We have the manpower to penetrate deep into Indian territory and deliver your anniversary gift item. Hence, even if your specific address is a bit interior, they will deliver it just at your desired time. Therefore, as you are placing the order you could discuss the date of delivery and it will certainly be followed to perfection.