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Birthdays: A Memorable Day In Your Life

The birthday is always special and as the day arrives, it just means that someone has grown a year older. It is during these last 365 days that plenty of mile stones have been achieved by the concerned person and surely this is the time for him/her to celebrate with mouth watering birthday cakes from us here at SGTI.  It is time for the individual to have fun, but for you as a well wisher locating birthday gifts of the best quality was a challenge.  You can now set aside those concerns because we have stepped into the fray to offer you some wonderful gift varieties. You are free to visit our online gift portal.


Birth gift ideas for all:

You are certainly eager to show love, affection towards the individual and a perfect way to achieve the objective will be to present special birthday gifts.  It is via the gift that you should look to portray your affection, love or even care for the person concerned. Now, your choice of a gift has a lot to do with your relation to the individual.  Hence, this just makes the birthday gift selection process slightly more complicated. We here at SGTI are aware that, the process involves something more than just picking up any gift from the stores.


Hence, it is just here we have looked to step in with creative ideas in our birthday gift section. We have surely looked to be different with our birthday gift themes and as you surf into the website, there will be surprises as well. There is plenty you could choose as we present you the opportunity to pick up anything from fashion accessories for your wife or even birthday chocolates for your little sister. If you are eager to present your sweet heart something memorable gift on her day of birth, you are free to select from our large variety of birthday flowers.


Some exclusive collection of birthday gifts:

We have an online section for people looking for gifts to be presented on birthdays. This just means you are spared from running around stores in search of birthday gifts. Hence, as you surf into our website, the variety of gifts should catch your focus. There is scope to pick up something for everyone ranging from birthday gift hampers for your dad or even something for your little daughter.  


If you are eager to pick up something for children we present before you some interesting range of toys. You are free to surf into our teddy bear section and some wonderful design trends should catch your attention.  There is fashion jewelry or you could even pick up varied home décor items. In fact, we have a team, who are thinking hard to include variety in the gift section. This is what basically separates us from some of the other birthday gift stores.  


Now, we would like to update you on a key aspect of choosing the gift. We are aware that it is necessary to present before you an easy buying experience and just for this purpose, there has been an effort to segregate the gifts.  We have done so based on relations and this just allows you buyer to quickly arrive the precise section.  It is now easy for you buyers to pick a birthday gift.


You could buy and send birthday gifts online:

This is an interesting part of our service and surely we would like to shed some light on the online portion of the business. Our initial foray into the gifting industry was via a physical store and we were doing quite well. However, it quickly struck our notice that the world of online gifting is large and it is only increasing by the day. It was in the urge to tap this section that we opened up a website and today as a result, you can send gifts to India from any location worldwide.  This website section is to cater to the needs of the homesick NRI community who intend to surprise people back home with gifts on auspicious occasions.


We are generally targeting the NRI community but even if you have to send gifts intercity, you are most welcome. Life is busy nowadays and there just could be no time to walk into any physical store in the quest to buy birthday gifts.  It just could be that the open close timings of the local birthday gift store are not suitable for your working hours.  In this era, with internet technology at your disposal one certainly need not worry. Your busy work schedule should not be a spoiler to the happiness of your near one. You could always browse into our website and buy the gift.


We have mentioned earlier that, there has been focus on making it an easy gift buying experience for you. Now, the gift segregation is just one part of the exercise and surely we have also placed before you an easy to navigate official website. Therefore, once you surf in, the going should be fine, as you browse from one section to the other. You could take your time and choose the best gift for the individual. Now, as you have chosen the gift the focus shifts to the payment stage and it is here we present before you a safe payment option. We accept all the major form of plastic money and also make sure that your information at no stage falls into wrong hands. Hence, we offer you easy but safe online shopping experience.


Your portion is basically over once the payments have been cleared and this is precisely, where our team swings into action. We focus hard on the gift sourcing stage and look to involve some of the best bakeries, florists in the process. Now, once the gift is ready, our delivery team swings into action and we look to deliver the gift to your India address just on the specific date. It will be a perfect display of professionalism from our end.