Best Gift Ideas For This Diwali

Diwali is one of the most auspicious festivals in India that presently enjoys global rage. Although a celebration exclusively for the Hindu community, these days it is celebrated by other communities from different corners of the world. Sending and receiving gifts is a major part of this festival apart from burning crackers and worshipping idols of Lakshmi, Ganesha, and also Goddess Kali (among the Bengalis). Lightening the diyas or candles is another major part of this celebration.


Diwali is the festival of lights, an age-old tradition to wipe away darkness and make way for the goods and brighter things in the society. Creating smiles among the faces of people is the primary target of this festival. Distributing sweets and other gifts among the relatives and organizations is a common practice. Here, we shall be discussing some of the best Diwali gifts 2018 ideas.


Idols of Lakshmi and Ganesha

Of all the different gift items available, Lakshmi Ganesha idols are probably the most auspicious ones to consider. There are different types available when you look for idols of these Hindu gods and goddesses. You can look for a Lakshmi Ganesha wall mount. Then, there are also the ever-popular Bronze, Silver, or Golden idols of Lakshmi Ganesha. The coin-based engraving of Lakshmi Ganesha is also a popular choice. If you are considering coin based gifts, always opt for silver coins. You can also find stone made idols with puja samagris. There is also the metal idol on a metal thali and Diya option available. In short, there are plenty of different styles and designs available when you are looking for Lakshmi and Ganesha gift items for Diwali purpose.


The Puja thali

This is another common yet very auspicious gift option to consider. The Diwali pooja thalis are basically designer metal plates featuring essential components like incense sticks, unbroken rice grains, kumkum powder, gold and silver coins with Hindu Gods and holy symbols being engraved, camphor, betel leaves, and coconut. The thali also comprises a handbell or ghanti, a sacred crimson string or kalava, and aarti diya. Apart from these components, the thali will also comprise of some sweets and fruits as Prasad.


Shagun boxes

The shagun boxes are available in beautiful designs and in different assortment of colors. They have a nice look and can be used as great Diwali gift items. These boxes are available in metal, clay, and glass making. You can make the pick as per the budget and personal preferences. Some may also purchase these boxes to pack sweets and dry fruits to gift during the Diwali. There are also special shagun boxes available with decorative trays. These are usually made from metal with rich decoration and embellishment on the body.


Home décor items

If you are confused about picking unique Diwali gifts for family, consider looking for home décor items. The festival has always been a way to celebrate bonding between family members and everyone with care for. It is about spreading happiness and positivity. So, it will always be a great option to consider looking for unique home décor items, maybe some kind of beautiful candles and diyas. You can look for LED lights with beautiful design and artwork. There can be candle stands and wall hanging decors to be considered for the part.


Cutlery and dining sets

This is one of the most popular gifting items for any occasion. Consider searching for Diwali gifts online and you will find a wide variety of designer cutlery and dining sets available. Be it stainless steel, copper, or glass, there are different material-made unique pieces available to stun you mind. Dining sets, beverage sets, tea sets, dessert containers, cookie containers, and different other cutlery and tableware items are available to gift your loved ones this Diwali.


Candle holders

Since Diwali is the festival of lights, looking for something of similar tone can be a nice way to showcase love and care for the ones you gift. It is all about figuring out the unique products that can be gifted during the Diwali. More importantly, it is also about picking those online gifts for Diwali that can be used during the auspicious period. If the gift is properly utilized by the receiver during the festive season, the purpose gets fulfilled in a better way.


Sweet boxes

A festival without sweets in Indian tradition is simply impossible. Diwali is no exception. During the Diwali period or even a month prior to this auspicious ceremony, you will notice stores selling sweet boxes, beautifully decorated. Different types of assorted Diwali sweets like peda, laddoo, halwa, and barfi. The special gift wrapping is done for the sweet boxes to make them more appropriate for the Diwali purpose.


Dry fruit basket

Similar to sweet boxes, the dry fruits are also popular giveaways during Diwali. This can be really a tempting gift comprising of dry fruit items like almonds, pistachio, raisin, and cashew nuts. There can be custom decorated dry fruit baskets created as per the requirement and budgets too. An extravagant festival like Diwali can be best celebrated through gifting unique and lovable items. Diwali Dry fruits are great options to make the festival look royal and divine. These tempting items can be purchased online also. Simply search with keywords or phrases like “dry fruit basket Diwali gifts online shopping” and you will witness a big list of satisfactory results crowding your mobile or computer screen.



Well, it may look somewhat unconventional but cakes can be a unique gifting option for this Diwali. See, festivals like Diwali has gone through massive globalization. Therefore, gifting a nicely decorated pineapple or chocolate cake with Happy Diwali massage and candles can be a nice way to enjoy the sweetness of this beautiful festival.



Apart from dresses, you can also consider gifting accessories to the near and close ones. Some of the notable accessories would be a watch, purse, side bags, sling bags, shoes, eyewear, and jewelry items. While these are the most common, if searched properly, there are plenty more to consider. Look online to pick the most attractive and unique set of accessories for your near and dear ones. Bags are always a safe option to satisfy your girlfriend or sister. If the lady to whom you will be gifting is fashionable and young at heart, a sling metal bag can be the perfect Diwali gift to consider. Generalized gift item like photo frames and wall clocks can be also considered when you are planning to gift a family or a teacher, friend, or a corporate client.


Jewelry items

Gifting your lady love or little sister a jewelry set will definitely bring that big smile on her face. There are affordable jewelry items made from international alloy, copper, and imitation options available from online vendors that feature gorgeous design and niche appeal.


Flower bouquet

This is one gifting concept that can be applied to every ceremony or event. As far Diwali is concerned, the flower bouquet can be a fine gifting option to wish near and dear ones as well as corporate clients and colleagues many happy returns of the season. Add a sweet box or chocolate box along with the flower bouquet if you are presenting this gift to someone special.


Gift Hampers

The festival of light promises plenty of fun and excitement. The option of online gifting is always open with plenty of items to make the pick. A common option to consider is gifting hampers to those you love and care about. Chocolate gift hampers, cosmetics gift hampers, parlor gift hampers, online gift hampers, and many other types of Diwali gift hampers are available to choose from. Product based hampers usually come well wrapped in nice decorated baskets or boxes. You can further decorate them with some kind of add-ons. It is all about making the right pick.


Personalized gifts

This is one of the most happening gifting concepts these days. Items can be personalized with names, massages, color, and designing elements to create a unique feel. You can opt for personalized mugs, wall clocks, pens, photo frames, keepsakes, soft toys, calendar, cushions, and lamps. There are also personalized diyas available that can create a fantastic look and feel to the house.


Diwali is a special festival that spreads happiness and bliss. It is the festival of lights. It is the time when people forget about rivalry and competitions and make amendments. It is the time to enjoy unity, to spread love and good wishes. Diwali is the time to forget about communal differences, religious discrimination, and rivalries. It is the time to join hands and celebrate this beautiful festival of lights. Let happiness and prosperity spread over the entire world and may the evils of the society get demolished completely. Let the lights bring in a new beginning, a new tomorrow where there will be no anger, jealousy, violence, and harshness. Let people live in harmony and enjoy eternal bliss.