Mother day
Mother day
It was a nice experience to shop with appreciate the efforts of delivery section. Highly recommend this gift site to every one outside INDIA
- Lingam Gopal
Quality cake was delivered to my MOM. she really loves the gift .Thank you
- Sunitha Singh
Very good gifting website specially the section bellow 999
- S K Mallick
Nice and fresh flowers were delivered to my sister.Really awesome
- Prasanna K Reddy
Requested for early morning delivery but delivery was dome at 12 noon though the item which was delivered really awesome quality.Good job done
- Bidipta Paul
On time delivery .Awesome service
- Sneha G

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Exciting Mothers Day Gifts On Offer From SGTI


The mother’s day is a yearly event, which as a dotting son you wait dearly every year. It is the day to celebrate motherhood and we at SGTI will surely help via presenting unique gifts for your mom. It is a worldwide celebration with the event unfolding in as many as 46 countries. The key to note is that there is completely lack of common consciousness to celebrate this day. Each of these countries has different stories or reasons to celebrate mother’s day. However, one thing is common that the event is about children loving their mom’s and pampering her with gifts. The key feature is that there is no common date to this celebration because every country has its own celebration day. We would like to talk Indian specific and the date here is May 13th or the second Sunday. Hence, being an Indian as the date draws near you would love to discuss more about unique mother’s day gifts ideas.




Hence, you would love to buy the best gifts on Mother’s day and we present you with some exciting variety. We have online presence and there has been work done on our website to make it navigable. Therefore, you should not have any problems surfing into the website. Once you visit the website from the confines of a cozy room, there are the best mother’s day gifts on offer. You could discuss with us about your mother and we present some unique gift ideas for mother’s day. Let us now focus on the precise gifts, which we can present before you on this day dedicated to the most important lady in your life.





There is variety in the gifts section and one can start with the best of mother’s day cakes. A delicious cake is perhaps the best gift on this special day and we present you with the some perfect variety. You could get to choose between chocolate cakes to cup cakes. We source the cake from some of the best bakeries and that is the reason why we have been able to present you with the best end product. Now, a cake is surely delicious but this may just not work for older people, who are perhaps suffering from diabetes concerns. If your mother has excess sugar then the cake may not be an ideal gift and you can choose something from our mother’s day flowers section. Flowers are cheap but they are graceful as a gift option. A flower presented to your mom tells her that you love her dearly. In the flower section you could choose from roses, tulips or carnations. While sourcing these flowers we work with the top florists and that is the reason for us to offer your fresh flowers as a mother day gift.





There is a lot more, which we can offer as a mother day gift and we also present before you unique mother’s day jewelry. This is perhaps the best gift if you mother is still active on the part circuit. In spite of her age catching up, you will want her to be in spotlight on the social circuit. Hence, the best suggestion will be to present some valuable jewelry and we offer some of the best variety in this regard. In fact, if you have something special in your mind, you could speak to us and we will arrange for it. Other than jewelry, we also offer a range of home décor items as gifts for this auspicious mother’s day. In this category one can choose from idols, candles or even some antique stuff.





We even offer you some of the best mother’s day gift baskets and you will like it. You could pick up anything from a dry fruit basket or even a customized basket to present your mom on the 13th of May. It is a section, where you get some perfect variety and the basket could also include anything from gift hampers to spa hampers. Plants are another item, which automatically come to mind as a gift for your mother on the 13th of May. Gardening could be a favorite past time for your mother at old age. Now, if we have discussed a range of gifts, which you can send, it is now important that we shed light on the history of this day within the Indian context.





This day is celebrated worldwide and there is a strong belief that this is a Western influence on Indian culture. However, from our own little study on this important day, we would like to say that it is completely wrong. The tradition is century old here in India or even perhaps the neighboring Nepal. It was in the new moon day around Baisakhi time that the Hindu community celebrated “Mata Tirtha Anushi’. In simple terms this means mother’s day pilgrimage and the tradition has been alive ever since. We would like to add here that India is home to a sufficiently huge Muslim population and let us even discuss from this context. The term Ammi holds plenty of significance in the Muslim community and as a result plenty of the Islamic countries celebrate this day on March 21st. In short one can say that the day may be different, but the occasion is memorable and you must not miss out on the opportunity to celebrate the moment. Hence, that is just the reason why every year you pamper your mom with the best of gifts. Now, this current year the date is fast approaching but the scenario is a bit different. You could be located offshore for commercial reasons and hence the prospect of sending the mother’s day gift looks a bit tough. However, you would still love to keep the spirit of mom alive by presenting her something memorable and we are ready to help extensively in this regard. You would perhaps love to know more about us because we are your medium of conveying the message of love to your mom.





We are a online gift shop and have in excess of a decade experience in sending gifts. Now, of late we have made a shift to online gifting and this should help your considerably. The process of to send mother’s day gift to India is basically divided into two parts and let me elaborate your role first. It is just simple that you will have to place the order and for this you will require basic infrastructure such as computer or laptop along with net connection. This should allow you to visit our website and place the order. We would just like to say that it could be a bit tough to choose a gift from the variety, which we offer you. The situation could always sound a bit confusing and so we insist that you consult our team. If you could just discuss her personality, we will help you to pick up some special gift for her on that day.





We offer you safe shopping and that is another key point. Fraudulent activities are common in the field of online shopping and this is getting serious. We are aware that you will hate a scenario, where your credit card information falls into wrong hands and therefore, we take all the steps to offer you safe online shopping. At no stage will your card information will fall into wrong hands. Hence, you could say that other than just offering you easy shopping, we also offer you safe shopping. We accept most of the credit cards and this should allow you to place the order easily. You also have the liberty to make online money transfers as a payment option. You could be in UK, U.S.A or any other part of the world, but if your delivery destination is India; we will offer perfect execution of the order.





Therefore, the need of the hour is to access what your mom likes and place the order. We could always help a bit with our decade long experience in this sector. Is your mom still working in the corporate sector? In such a scenario the best gift we can think of are the designer bags or perhaps a coffee mug. You will surely run into these options in our website. If you mom is a housewife we have discussed earlier that jewelry or some antique pieces can be a perfect for the day. Indian women are known to be spiritual and this could always be the case with your mother. In this case some lucky bamboo plants can be an ideal gift for her. There could be just plenty more hidden characteristics about your mom and as you discuss, we can help with more gift ideas.





Of late the trend has been to stay fit and your mom is perhaps treading that path. It is quiet natural at old age to be concerned about personal well being. The best gift suited for a mom, who is concerned about fitness can be a bag of green tea. We have mentioned earlier of fruit baskets and that can even work as a perfect gift if your mom is a fitness freak. In fact, as we get to know about your mom, we can offer you endless options for a gift on mother day. You could even go for combo offers if your budget permits. Hence, once more we repeat that there is variety on offer and we are eager to help out on the purchase.





Now, once you have placed the order the onus falls upon us for a smooth execution and we complete it to perfection. The order execution is carried out here and we make sure that some of the best bakeries, florists are engaged in the manufacturing process. Quality and affordable pricing has been the key to success and we certainly do not compromise in this aspect. If you are ordering some jewelry or antique, we once again make sure that some of the best people in the trade are involved in the manufacturing process. We are confident on procuring for your mom a top quality gift at affordable pricing and once we have done that, the focus shifts on delivery.





We may be an online store but we also boast of extensive ground presence in India. Therefore, you will just have to communicate in clear language the delivery address and surely the preferred timings. We have extensive ground presence pan India to make sure that your gift reaches the destination just on the desired date. Hence, in this age of computer technology it is quiet easy for you to send the best of mother day gifts to your loving mom back in India.





In short one can say that we are ready to bridge that gap between you and mom back home in India. We have just forgotten to mention that we are constantly working on the gifts and looking to make additions in keeping with the current trend. It is two months left for that special day and that is some time to go. Therefore, as you are surfing today if nothing has caught your fantasy, we say do not worry. You could always visit our website a week later and there will be plenty more interesting additions in the gift category for mothers.





Of late with mother’s day round the corner our focus has been on gifts for your mom, but we also offer general gifts round the year. Once the mother’s day passes there will be more events following and we come up with varied gifts for these occasions. It just could be a basic birthday celebration unfolding at home and work just does not allow you the luxury to fly down to India. You could communicate to us and we will place before the best of gifts suited for the occasion. Therefore, one could say that we are a general online gifting company and due to mother’s day around the corner; our immediate focus is to offer you gifts ideal for your mom, on that day.